To promote and expand the sport of cricket in Hungary. Also to actively utilise cricket as a positive tool to support social integration and inclusion programs for children and adults of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

Mission Statement

The Hungarian Cricket Association's mission is to increase the awareness of, recognition of, and - most importantly - participation in cricket at all levels of the game from Beginner to National Team. We will achieve this primarily through direct programs in Hungarian schools, educational institutions, and social integration programs, whilst simultaneously increasing the recognition of cricket in official national sporting organisations and Government bodies.

Operational Objectives

  • Cricket to be played which is competitive, but most importantly sporting and fun, in the true spirit of cricket.
  • HCA Leadership to believe in and act according to the highest ethical principles, providing their services for the benefit of all the cricketing community.
  • All steps in the development and running of the Association to be taken with meeting the ICC affiliate membership criteria in mind.
  • Internal bureaucracy to be limited to the minimum necessary to meet our legal obligations and ensure the smooth functioning of the HCA.
  • In particular, the HCA’s main focus is to expand junior cricket in schools and universities and to develop native player and women’s cricket. In addition, we will aim for high quality but sporting league and cup competitions and an improving national team.

Development Objectives

The Hungarian Cricket Association aims to expand the game of cricket within Hungary by:

- Increasing active participation rates in schools and universities.

- Providing increasing opportunities for beginners to access and enjoy the game.

- Providing programs that reach out to disadvantaged sections of the community, with a particular focus on social integration and inclusion programs.

- Providing competetive cricket  at several levels/divisions (in some cases in modified forms more accessible/enjoyable to beginners ).

- Increasing the formal recognition of cricket within the Government and other National Sporting Organisations.

- Increasing the frequency of media reports (TV/other media) through national and local media.

- Organising special events that attract the attention of media, government, business, and sporting organisations.