League Clubs

 Budapest Falcons is a team full of young players with great talent and enthusiasm. In the past the team was known as Kohinoor and it is also has roots in the Titanic team of 2007. A few members of the team are regular players for the Hungarian national squad, which is a source of pride for the team, and some have played a key role in the HCA as well. Budapest Falcons Cricket Club is not simply a good team with some experienced players, but it is a big family also. To win matches is our aim and, God willing, Falcons will always be a successful team in the HCL.


 Originally known as Crown CC in the season of 2007, since then we have played under the name Royal Tigers. We have players from different countries and backgrounds. Our aim is to play fair and hard cricket. On the pitch we can be fierce fighters but off the pitch we are fun freaks. We are a fun team, so a sense of humour is essential. We have an array of quirky antics that are incorporated into our game, which tends to amuse our opposition, but at the same time we play solid competitive cricket. Tiger's camaraderie extends well beyond cricket field - we celebrate Eid, Christmas and Diwali together and have loads of fun on and off the field. We were HCL champions in 2007, 2008 & 2009 and T20 Cup winners in 2010. To be a Tiger you don't have to bowl like Kapil or drive like Dravid - instead we need loads of commitment and tons of courage, as we value passion for the game of cricket more than skills. Our proud sponsors Indigo restaurant and Stan Ahuja Couture take an active part in the running of the club.

 Dunabogdany Cricket Club (DCC) was formed in 2007 as a direct result of the first ever public meeting for Hungarian cricket in Becketts Irish Pub, Budapest in February 2007. DCC has a serious claim to being the first senior Cricket Club to be established in the history of Hungarian cricket. This is something we remain proud of. Dunabogdany Cricket Club and its members, although at times never a million miles from controversy, continue to be one of the most productive clubs with regards to the true development of the sport within Hungary. Many of the club's members have been and remain influential in promoting the sport and its increasing interest.



  Baggy Blues (BB) is an ever-expanding cricket club, formed in 2007 – at the same time as the first ever Hungarian Cricket Association. Baggy Blues have participated in the Hungarian Cricket League in various guises - BB International is the name of the 1st XI and BB Bollix is the current name of the 2nd XI (the 2nd XI was previously called BB Full Tossers and a mixed team called BB Desperados played in the cup in 2010). We also go on club tours outside of Hungary. Our club is welcoming and inviting to all - regardless of cricketing experience or ability - and has an exceptionally strong team spirit which extends well beyond the regular players, and well beyond the boundaries of the playing fields, to include wives, partners, and others who recognise that a Cricket Club is about much more than just what happens on the field. A regular social calendar with our very international player base ensures that a good time is had by all.


Eleven Stars CC are the most recent addition to the already colourful palette of Hungarian cricket. Very young, full of energy group of eager guys, with lots of natural talent. They will definitelly will bring exitement to this season and the upcoming onse as well.



Magyarok által alapított, döntoen magyar nemzetiségu klub Budapesten, amely a hazai tehetségek gondozását tuzte ki célul. Emellett célünk, hogy megmutassuk magyarországnak, mennyire szórakoztató a krikett.
A club formed by and mainly consisting of native Hungarians.



Phoenix Cricket Club is a club for cricket enthusiasts as well as players. As the name implies, at Phoenix CC we have a ‘never say die’ attitude to every game, but this competitive spirit is complemented with a friendly attitude running throughout the club’s multi-national membership. New players are always welcome of course, as are supporters of the game or anyone who simply wants to enjoy good company and a good time. As well as playing as much cricket as possible, we have an increasingly active social agenda and try to get together off the pitch on a regular basis and off season. Phoenix CC actively supports the efforts of the Hungarian Cricket Association and we invite anyone interested, or touring sides looking for a game in our beautiful city, to contact us.