Was this history in the making? A full weekend of international cricket with both national teams selecting ONLY players native (indigenous) to their country? Probably it happened before, somewhere, somehow, so please send in the examples you can find as we look to promote native-player cricket more generally. We know of (and have participated in) several examples of matches where all players were native-players, but the distinction of ‘Native Player National Team’ is something that might be brand new, and is for sure exciting.

The weekend was a brilliant success and there will for sure be more of this to come. The weather-Gods did their best to put a halt to proceedings, with a massive deluge hitting exactly Szodliget just 2 days before the match and leaving most of GB Oval literally inches under water. On Saturday morning at 10am there was still more than an inch of water covering most of the pitch itself, and  some large, 3-4 inch-deep puddles within metres of the strip. But a massive bail-out resulted in the ‘20% chance to play’ turning in to the reality of a T20 match getting under way in the afternoon. It sure was worth it. Waterpolo challenges were forgotten about as leather began to hit (or splat?) willow, and the excitement of some truly spectacular dives in the shallows brought ripples of applause from the edge of the lake field. In the end Hungary swam out winners by about 3 lengths, scorecard details are available here. The Sunday match was rather drier at the continually improving surrounds of KAC, and this time it was Serbia securing the victory by 7 runs in an exciting last-over finish. Scorecard details here. 1-1 for the weekend was a perfect outcome and all players can be highly satisfied with the standard and spirit in which this historical weekend was played. We look forward to confirming details for a native-player-tournament involving more nations shortly.