New board members & Invitation for Annual General Meeting

Dear Cricket community

All four candidates have been voted in to become members of the new HCA board (2016-18). The new members are the following:

Duncan Shoebridge
Marton Kis
Steve Anthony
Adrian Zador

The next step is to update our by-laws at our next Annual General Meeting, which will be held on the 5th May 2016 at 6.30pm in Muszi (invitation doc attached) -

We need to have at least half of all eligible voters (ie HCA members) plus 1 represented at the AGM to be able to sign off the new by-laws.

a) if you can attend the AGM please RSVP to Gabi asap
b) if you can't attend the AGM then
1. find out who will be attending from your team
2. sign a Power of Attorney document (attached) with the name of the person who you want to represent you
3. get the PoA document to the HCA offices before the AGM
(either by
- giving it to your representative in person or
- sending it the the HCA office (Magyar Krikett Sportegyesulet, 1073 Erzsebet krt 15 III/34a) or
- taking your PoA document to the HCA office in person (Muszi, 1085 Budapest Blaha Lujza tér 1. 3. emelet) or
- signing it at the Indoor Tournament on the 17th April)

THE SIMPLEST SOLUTION WOULD BE TO HAVE 1 REPRESENTATIVE FROM EACH TEAM WITH ALL OTHER TEAM MEMBERS SIGNING A POWER OF ATTORNEY IN THEIR NAME. Teams should discuss who they want their representative to be and collect PoA documents from their team members who cannot make it.

Any questions, let me know!


Gabi Putnoki