UNICEF charity tournament - 23rd May‏


We have been asked by UNICEF Hungary to do fundraising for their Nepal earthquake victims charity appeal. They will use the money collected to help the children who have been victims of the disaster.

The HCA has committed itself to run a FRIENDLY tournament to raise funds for this charity appeal.

The details:

- 23rd May (saturday) - 9 or 10am start TBC
- players can sign up as individuals or as teams of 6-8 players (the teams can be rearranged on the day to provide a more even spread, the focus is on playing, raising money and not on hard competition)
- we suggest a donation of minimum 1000 HUF per player - to be collected at the grounds on the day
- food will be provided for players free of charge (the HCA's contribution) but BBQs and picnics are also very welcome
- friends and family very welcome to participate
- contact for compulsory registration and organising the games is Steve - contact him on steve.anthony@t-online.hu

Please send Steve an email with your registration. We'd like to have as many players, supporters, friends and family participating as possible. This is a great way to use the sport you love for a good cause, and also to socialise among your peers!