András Tóth, Operations Director

I first came into contact with Hungarian cricket when I approached the Board with the opportunity to play at the ground I manage, KAC. Playing at KAC has been an undoubted success story for both Hungarian cricket and the community of Kispest. During my studies and my professional life I became familiar with a lot of different sports in Hungary, their structure, how they are funded, what they need to survive. This has been the case with cricket too, and in the last two years I became involved in a lot of projects for Hungarian cricket. It was during this time, that I first had the idea of making my involvement more official and permanent. My pledge, as a Board Member, is to put all my efforts into promoting cricket in the Hungarian community by spending as many hours as need be dedicated to cricket and harnessing my local, sports, political and other contacts for the growth of cricket in Hungary. As a Board Member I hope to use my knowledge of the Hungarian sports scene to help ease the transition of cricket in Hungary to a nation-wide, respected, fully-operational Association considered on a par with the top sports organizations of Hungary.